VSO Software è una società localizzata nel sudest della Francia a Tolosa. Sviluppa dal 2002 software per la masterizzazione di CD e DVD e ha realizzato un software di editing video riconosciuto a livello internazionale. VSO è dedicata a realizzare software di alta qualità utilizzabili in modo semplice da utenti di tutti i livelli e vende principalmente i suoi software agli utenti finali ma può fornire soluzioni anche alle società come i suoi SDK masterizzazione.

Why buy a VSO Software program?

There are other competitors on our market... so why should you buy from us? What makes our products - and our company- stand out?

Read our "pledge" below and find out why, with VSO, you're in good hands.

Great Products

  • We develop our software in house. We're a team of passionate developers and our aim is to provide products that are the best in their fields, combining speed and quality.
  • Our Motto: make easy to use software, accessible to the beginner with no PC experience as well as to the pro user: a simple interface with advanced options.
  • Our software are available in over 20 languages.
  • We welcome feature requests and encourage the most enthousiastic users to become beta-testers.
  • No one says it better than our users themselves: read their testimonials.
  • Our programs regularly get the thumbs up from the leading reviewers, check out our impressive list of awards.

Fair Prices

  • Our software have fixed, fair prices. We don't compromise on quality and we offer different pricing models according to your needs and finances.
  • Clear license schemes/ no hidden charge: 1 year upgrade or lifetime, once you've bought a license you can use the version bought for FREE, for LIFE. If you want to get all the latest technologic advances and be able to get all upgrades, then renew the license yearly at a discounted price or consider the Lifetime option.
  • You have limited resources but still want to enjoy our programs? Get in touch with us, in exchange of community moderation (Reddit, forum), we might offer you a software you like for free. If you are interested, contact support@vsosoftware.fr.

Ultimate Customer Service
  • Quick and efficient Customer Service: answer guaranteed within 24h (except week-ends), in 5 languages.
  • Monthly newsletter: subscribe to make sure you don't miss out on any news, special offer, tricks, how tos...
  • Dedicated user forums for any question/ troubleshooting, etc...
  • Great and inventive selection of guides and manuals: don't miss out on all our software possibilities!
  • Our own Youtube channel with video guides.
  • Facebook and Twitter account: follow us and get exclusive info.
  • The VSO Software blog with great movie/TV info, giveaways, etc

Enjoyable Shopping Experience
  • Almost all payment options available in your country: credit card, paypal, cheque, bank transfer, etc.
  • Secure transaction provided by Avangate, leading payment provider specialized in software.
  • Instant buy: receive your license key right after your purchase.
  • Backup CD available in shopping cart.

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Per avere informazioni di carattere generale o per inviare suggerimenti sui nostri programmi. Non verranno accettate richieste di supporto tecnico.
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VSO-Software SARL
Bat A, 1er Etage
109 Avenue de Lespinet
31400 Toulouse
Francia Nota: non inviate denaro o ordini a questo indirizzo senza aver prima contattato il nostro ufficio vendite.

Si accettano solamente richieste urgenti, richieste di informazione e richieste riguardanti la vendita o la pubblicazione dei nostri prodotti. Non verranno accettate richieste di supporto tecnico e non verranno rilasciate informazioni riguardanti la perdita dei codici di licenza. Per questo tipo di richieste, utilizzate la sezione Supporto tecnico del nostro sito Web.
La lingua inglese non è la nostra lingua nativa, quindi è preferibile che utilizziate uno dei suddetti contatti. In caso contrario, armatevi di pazienza e parlate lentamente ;-) +33 (0)5 62 16 02 23
L'ufficio è aperto dal lunedì al venerdì, dalle 9.00 alle 20.00 (fuso orario GMT +1.00 h)

+33 (0)9 55 47 38 70

The company timeline

If you like stories about companies that started off in an attic or a garage, then this one is for you: Jacques, actual CEO of VSO, has been developing software since he was a student. At first it was just a hobby for him and he only developed freeware to make other user’s life easier. Then he met Fabrice, who was working in the same company back in 2003, and they decided to have a go at trying to make a living out of this “hobby”: Jacques on the developing side, and Fabrice on the business side. VSO Software was founded (why they called it VSO remains a secret!) and months later Blindwrite, the very first product, became an incontestable reference worldwide in the gaming industry. The rest, as they say, is history:

May 2002 • First software sold: Blindwrite 4 and CopyToCD 1
• Official creation of the company by Jacques Vignoles and Fabrice Meuwissen.
February 2003 • CopyToDVD 2.0 is integrated into DVD2One and DVD Shrink
October 2003 • Blindwrite 5 released
March 2004 • CopyToDVD 3 released
June 2004 •Release of VSO Inspector, a free hardware diagnostic tool
October 2004 • DivxtoDVD is released as freeware, then as shareware (July 2005)
December 2004 • PhotoDVD 1, Photo slideshows on DVD
June 2005 • PhotoDVD 2 released
February 2006 • DivxtoDVD changes name to become ConvertXtoDVD 2, already a leader on the DVD conversion market
April 2006 • Release of a freeware: VSO Image Resizer
Summer 2006 • Release of two major versions: Blindwrite 6 and CopyToDVD 4
May 2007 • Official VSO forum available to the public in 5 languages
January 2008 •VSO Software buys and moves into its new offices  
February 2008 • Release of a new major version: ConvertXtoDVD 3  
June 2009 • Release of PhotoDVD 3 with DVD menu feature added  
July 2009 • Release of AtomGPS, photo geotagging software.  
August 2009 • Release of GPS Body Paint and GPS Stone, first VSO Iphone apps  
October 2009 • Release of Bwizer, black and white photo conversion tool
• Release of ConvertXtoDVD 4 and Image Resizer 3 (including the “ seam carving ” technology)
December 2009 • Fabrice Meuwissen, VSO co-founder, leaves VSO Software leaving Jacques Vignoles as the sole Executive Manager.  
June 2010 • Release of Image Resizer 4 and PhotoDVD 4  
July 2010 • Release of AVCHD Editor (free)  
Summer 2010 • Revamp of the VSO website  
November 2010 • Release of the VSO Web Translator (internal translation tool for webmasters)  
December 2010 • Release of Blu-ray To DVD
• Image resizer and PhotoOnWeb are transferred to Obvious Idea and no longer developed by VSO.
March 2011 • Release of Blu-ray Converter Ultimate  
April 2011 • Launch of the monthly VSO Newsletter  
August 2011 • Release of VSO Downloader (freeware)  
September 2011 • Release of DVD Converter  
October 2011 • Release of VSO Media Player (VMP), freeware  
April 2012 • Release of VSO Downloader, Ultimate version  
May 2012 • Release of CopyTo 5  
September 2012 • Release of DVD Converter 2 and Blu-ray Ultimate 2  
November 2012 • Release of ConvertXtoDVD 5  
February 2013 • Release of VSO Downloader 3  
July 2013 • Release of VSO Video Converter  
October 2013 • Release of DVD Converter 3 and Blu-ray Ultimate 3  
June 2014 • Release of VSO Downloader 4
November 2014 • Launch of VSO blog: http://blog.vso-software.fr/
December 2014 • Release of ConvertXtoHD
December 2014 • VSO Video Converter rebranded as ConvertXtoVideo
January 2016 • Release of ConvertXtoDVD 6 and ConvertXtoHD 2
May 2016 • Release of ConvertXtoVideo 2, Blu-ray Converter and DVD Converter 4
October 2016 • Release of VSO Downloader 5
March 2017 • Release of ConvertXtoDVD 7 and ConvertXtoHD 3
2020  • Release downloader 5 
 April 2020 • Start the portage of the video engine to 64 Bit 
Decembre 2021  • Start of the site redesign